Travel Made Easy


New travelers who have limited experience


Instructional Design, eLearning Development, Visual Design, Storyboard


Articulate Storyline 360, Canva, Google Docs

The Problem

Travelers thinking about going somewhere are inundated on how and where to begin. They need help to determine the first steps and the next step until a clear decision has been made.


The Solution

This project demonstrates a knowledge-based exam to help the travelers come to effective solutions. They needed the information to be succinct and direct. They also needed knowledge checks to ensure learner retention. I followed the ADDIE model to make this course.

My Process

For this project, I aimed to create a realistic assessment for new travelers. I wanted to incorporate multiple question banks and add a fun surprise moment for the learner.

To start, I gathered the necessary information and determined if the questions needed to be in a particular order.

Finally, I created visuals that were engaging without being distracting, such as using interesting border colors and incorporating a celebratory “Celebrate!” button with confetti effects when the student receives a passing score.

Text Based Storyboard

Creating a storyboard for this project proved to be a valuable organizational tool. I was able to have all my questions and answers in one place which streamlined the slide development process. It also allowed me to label the questions that would always be included versus the ones selected randomly.

Visual Mockups

With my audience in mind I added a creative touch, I incorporated border colors that were both fun and subtle enough to not distract the user. It was important to me to ensure that the spacing and placement of text were not cluttered and easy to read.

Since this was my first experience creating an exam project, I aimed for the question text to be self-sufficient. To minimize potential distractions, I decided to limit the use of visuals to the title and results slides only.


Working with question banks was a new experience for me, and I gained valuable knowledge on allocating point values to questions, including questions every time versus at random, and drawing a subset from a larger group of questions. I enjoyed inserting the audio “Simply the best” because it has an element of fun and memorability to the user’s experience.