Hi, I’m Kalisa 


I craft eLearning experiences that offer thoughtful solutions to real-world problems.

Recent Work

Travel Made Easy

Traveling is fun, but it can also be confusing. This eLearning experience is crafted for users who are first time travelers with limited experience. The goal is to improve the decision-making that travelers will encounter.

Q&A with Kalisa

Want to know more about me? This interactive video gives you a peek into my journey in Instructional Design and what I am like outside of work.

LMS Software Simulation

This course provides a demo of a comprehensive training solution that includes both video and interactive tutorials, allowing learners to build their knowledge and skills at their own pace. 

What People Say About Me

“Kalisa has been tutoring my son, who has dyslexia, for over three years.  As a result, my son has significantly improved his education to the point where he feels more confident about learning. 

Kalisa is an excellent instructor invested in her students’ success.  She exudes professionalism and is highly organized and dedicated to creating a positive, inclusive environment for her students. 

She is always well-prepared, explains problems clearly and integrates real-life designs into lessons.  She effectively engages with students and provides a comfortable environment for them to learn.  In addition, she provides excellent and consistent feedback about students’ progress.  Besides her in-depth knowledge of different learning styles, Kalisa is very efficient, cordial and pleasant to work with.”

Dr. Carol Wade, PhD

“Kalisa is one of the most creative and helpful individuals I have had the pleasure of working with.

I was fortunate enough to have Kaisa as a teammate.

She has a keen eye for details, visual design, and a vision to see beyond the project at hand.Kalisa is an excellent communicator, whether it is for suggesting ideas, providing constructive  feedback or encouraging the team along.

Her organizational skills, flexibility and go-getter mentality made it seamless to collaborate with even though we had a 7-hour time zone difference.”

Savitre Turbrung

From the Blog…

The Future of eLearning: How Gamification is Changing the Game

The Future of eLearning: How Gamification is Changing the Game

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AI: here today, here to stay

AI: here today, here to stay

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